Atollic Launches a Web Shop - Come and Visit it now!

Posted by Magnus Unemyr on Mar 10, 2017 1:21:18 PM

A few days ago, Atollic opened a web shop that makes it super-simple to purchase recurring Atollic TrueSTUDIO subscription licenses! You can now get a seamless upgrade to TrueSTUDIO Pro in just a couple of minutes using your credit card - the free TrueSTUDIO Lite immediately upgrades itself to a powerful Pro version right after the purchase.

The whole process couldn't be simpler. And it is very cost-effective, too. In this blog post, I explain how you can upgrade to a TrueSTUDIO Pro subscription license in just a few minutes!



Upgrading From TrueSTUDIO Lite to TrueSTUDIO Pro

While many find the free TrueSTUDIO Lite of great value, it doesn't have all the powerful capabilities professional developers need and expect. This includes features like memory- or stack usage analyzers, real-time "live" variable watch, instruction tracing (ETM/ETB/MTB), kernel-aware RTOS debugging, hard fault crash analysis, or real-time event- and data tracing (SWV/SWD/SWO).

To simplify the upgrade to a TrueSTUDIO Pro license, one month or one year recurring subscription licenses can now easily be purchased in our web shop. To further simplify matters, these licenses extend themselves additional periods until you terminate the subscription. This makes it truly convenient to quickly upgrade to the Pro version, either for one or a few months, or for a yearly recurring subscription.

For perpetual licenses - either node-locked, USB-locked, or floating network licenses - you will still have to contact an Atollic sales office or local distibutor. The same goes for multi-seat volume discounts. If you are interested in perpetual, shareable or volume licenses, please contact your nearest sales office or local distributor.

You can enter the webshop or contact a distributor via this page:

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But if you like the convenience and price-effectiveness of subscription licenses, the web shop is a convenient path, indeed. In particular, if you need to upgrade to the Pro features outside of business hours, or need your new Pro license really quick!

The Web Shop Welcome Panel

To start the upgrade or purchase process, you will have to enter into the web shop area of our web site. You find the web shop here:


In the main web shop view, you are presented with two purchase options:

  • The one month recurring subscription license option. If you select this option, you can purchase a Pro license to be used during one or several months. The license is extended automatically, one month at a time, until the subscription is terminated. Your credit card will be charged monthly.
  • The one year recurring subscription license option. If you select this option, you can purchase a Pro license to be used during one or several years. The license is extended automatically, one year at a time, until the subscription is terminated. Your credit card will be charged once a year.

The one-year recurring subscription option cost less per month on average, compared to the one-month recurring subscription option. For greater flexibility, you may thus want to consider the one-month recurring subscription, and for the best pricing, the one-year recurring subscription may be your best option. 

Making a purchase

From the web shop welcome panel, click on "Add to cart" for the product you want to purchase.


Click on the "View Cart" link in the selected product to view the contents of your shopping cart. Any products you have added to the shopping cart will be listed as a line item, along with its price:


From the shopping cart panel, you can delete items, or change the number of licenses you want to purchase (please note that one license that runs for two months is to be purchased as one license that extends itself until terminated - do not select the quantity two in such case, as you would then get two different recurring licenses that can be used in parallel by two developers).

At the bottom of the shopping cart panel, the subtotals and totals are displayed, along with information on when the next payment will be charged from your credit card (unless you have terminated the subscription before that).

Scroll the page down and click on the "Proceed to Checkout" button.


Fill in your customer details in the fields on the Checkout page:


If you scroll further down, you will get to the payment details. Enter your credit card information and click on the "Place order" button:


The order is placed, and the "Order Received" pages list the details as a confirmation:


You should now have received two emails; one receipt and one email with the license key. The latter also contains instructions on how to download TrueSTUDIO and activate the license. 


If you are using TrueSTUDIO Lite already, now is the time to upgrade to a TrueSTUDIO Pro subscription. It has never been easier or cheaper! With a few simple mouse-clicks, you can be up and running within a couple of minutes from reading this blog post. Professional features, like advanced debug and system analysis capabilities will be available right away. If you on the other hand prefer perpetual, shareable or volume licenses, please contact our nearest sales office or local distributor.

Upgrade to TrueSTUDIO Pro now!


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