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Understanding Predictability in Real-Time Systems

Posted by Guest Blogger on Sep 28, 2015 8:22:14 PM

The following is a guest post by veteran developer E. Douglas Jensen. Doug is internationally recognized as one of the original pioneers and leading visionaries of distributed real-time and time-critical computer systems. His principal interest is advancing and applying the principles and best practices in the field of time-critical embedded systems for control applications at all levels of an enterprise. He has four decades of performing system architecture, detailed design, and software/hardware implementation on the system's entire life cycle-from initial requirements to deployment to product improvements.You can follow Doug on Facebook.

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Predictable is not the same as deterministic

Virtually everyone's personal and professional lives--and a great many physical, chemical, etc. processes--have numerous actions with a property that I term timeliness quality of service (QoS).

This timeliness QoS property is an integral part of the logic of the actions, not (for example) a performance metric of the action's logic, such as "how fast" an action takes place.

An action's timeliness QoS property has two keystone elements:

  • the action's completion time constraint (a deadline is a familiar, simple special case)
  • the predictability of the action's completion time with respect to the time constraint (always meeting all deadlines is a familiar, simple special case).
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