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How to succeed in software development projects

Posted by Hans-Åke Gustafsson on Jan 20, 2015 3:10:00 PM

In today’s business of software development, “experienced” means that one has been around for more than 5 years. I have. More like 25 actually. When I started my professional career, we used IBM PC XT machines with dual 5¼ inch floppy disks, or if lucky, an AT with a 20 MB (yes Mega, not Giga) hard disk. I’d like to think I’ve learned at least something during this period.

When one is young, eager and open minded; perhaps even naive, one tends to accept every new trend as revolutionary. All new things are good, all old things are bad. For many years, I was more or less in constant search of new techniques, methods and technology that would improve the result of our software development projects.

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