Efficient editing = keyboard shortcuts

Posted by Mattias Norlander on Apr 8, 2016 11:52:42 PM

How much do you know about the editing capabilities available in Atollic TrueSTUDIO? Are you the type of user who uses the menu  and toolbars or do you prefer using keyboard shortcuts?


Regardless of how you prefer to use an IDE you should make sure that you are aware of time-saving editing features that are available to you. Keyboard shortcuts can be a huge time-saver when writing and navigating code. My personal preference is to use keyboard shortcuts for the most common editing tasks.

 I have created a cheat sheet highlighting the keyboard shortcuts in TrueSTUDIO that help me be productive and to automate boring, manual refactoring tasks.

The cheat sheet only contains 19 keyboard shortcuts, but these are then ones I would not want to be without when browsing and writing code. Here are some of the shorcuts in my list:
  • Quickly open a file by using open resource
  • Advanced search with C language filtering in/across projects or use reg.exp
  • Quickly filter out various C symbols and jump to file.
  • Quick navigation of content inside files without using Outline view
  • Go to line
  • Visualize file include dependencies
  • Visualize call hierarchy
  • Automatic code completion and parameter hints
  • Edit multiple lines in one go with block select tool
  • Quick formatting of code
  • Quick refactoring of code
  • ...

Download the keyboard shortcut cheat sheet here!

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts and editing features? How do you save a lot of time when editing? Leave a comment below.

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