Extend your embedded ARM C/C++ IDE with additional features [more power to developers!]

Posted by Magnus Unemyr on Nov 1, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Modern IDE’s are very powerful, and the best-of-breed ARM development tools are no exception. Tools like Atollic TrueSTUDIO include not only features for editing, compilation and debugging, but also team collaboration features like code review, bug tracking or version control. But still, you may have particular needs that only apply to you – or a very small subset of all ARM developers.

If you have been smart enough to use an ARM IDE that is based on open standards (such as Eclipse), you can easily extend the IDE with additional features – say for example requirements management clients, UML graphical modeling, or admin panels for your nightly-build continuous integration server. Learn how in this blog post!


If you have tried Atollic TrueSTUDIO, you know it is one of the most powerful ARM IDE’s ever created. It runs in circles around most proprietary IDE’s in terms of power, extensibility and flexibility. Doesn’t it make sense the most powerful tools are the ones that most easily can become even more powerful?

Yes, I think so too.

Atollic TrueSTUDIO can be extended with additional features using plugins from 3rd party suppliers. Eclipse plugins can add functionality in any direction, and while some are sold commercially, most are available for free. The Eclipse marketplace currently list over 1600 Eclipse plugins, for example. And more Eclipse plugins are available elsewhere, directly from their suppliers.


Installing a new plugin couldn’t be easier. You can use the “Help, Eclipse Marketplace…” menu command to open a wizard where you can discover and download new functionality from the Eclipse marketplace with a couple of mouse-clicks. If the Eclipse plugin you want to install is available somewhere else, use the “Help, Install New Software…” menu command instead.

The Eclipse plugin management system handles compatibility and dependency problems, providing a smooth user experience, where you can download and install plugins with new functionality using only a couple of mouse-clicks.

With this flexibility, you can extend the IDE with almost any type of functionality you like.

Read this whitepaper for more information on ARM Cortex-M development & debugging tools:

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