Going Beyond the IoT Hype - What Is Your Experience?

Posted by Stephen Martin on Mar 18, 2015 4:42:21 PM


We have all seen the media frenzy around the Internet of Things (IoT). Hype aside, we know many of our Atollic TrueSTUDIO user community are developing intelligent, connected products. We want to hear from you so that we can share some of what you have learned with the worldwide IoT community.

On April 6, 2015 Atollic will be participating in a web-based panel discussion along with Freescale, Wind River, and Kontron that will dive into some of the challenges of going from idea to product in the IoT space. We would like to offer you the opportunity to submit your development experiences (good and bad) to help educate your fellow developers about how to navigate the IoT product development terrain.

Can you share your experiences about...

  • Getting started
    • How did you select hardware, software and development tools? What would you do differently if you could start again?
  • Proof-of-concept and prototyping
    • What worked? What didn't work?
  • Tools
    • Anything about using TrueSTUDIO wizards, sample projects or other features that helped you?
    • Use of STM32 CubeMX, Freescale's Processor Expert or LKinetis Design Studio, or other configuration/code generation utility?
  • Overall
    • Is there something you would do differently if you had to go through the process again?
    • Is there advice you would share with someone who is just beginning the process?

Share your story

If you have something to share I will do my best to incorporate it into the panel discussion. Here is my email address: I look forward to seeing your comments and experiences.


Here are the details on the webcast. Click the image to view the registration page.


IoT-related products are hitting the market at a fast and furious pace. What happens when you miss your window? Frankly, you lose revenue. Those that get their products out in a timely manner are those that take advantage of the tools put out there by the suppliers. Those "tools" consist of preconfigured operating systems, made-to-order drivers, and certainly the development kits that are flooding the market. This panel discussion webinar will look at the available tools, make sense of what's available, and which parts are left to the design engineer to figure out.


Topics: Embedded Software Development