IDE tips and tricks: CTRL-SHIFT-R to quickly find and open a file

Posted by Magnus Unemyr on Feb 16, 2015 9:27:00 AM

One of the strongest arguments for Eclipse is its incredible capabilities and flexibility. In particular, power-users tend to love Eclipse. But the power and flexibility is also one of its drawbacks, in particular for new users. There are so many features that it is easy to miss some really useful capabilities. While we have simplified the user experience in Atollic TrueSTUDIO, there are probably still many features that could be put to good use by more developers.

Pressing CTRL-SHIFT-R to find and open a file quickly is probably one of those. This command lets you type a couple of characters that is part of the file name you want to open. You can add * and ? symbols for wildcard search as well. The editor then lists the matching files for you, and you can then open it in the editor or docking view as appropriate.


Using this feature is really easy. Just press CTRL-SHIFT-R in the editor, and type some of the characters in the filename you want to open. Use * or ? symbols as appropriate for wildcard search. Select the correct file in the matching items search result list, and open the file in any of these 3 ways:

  • Show In: Sends this file to one of the docking views you chose in the dropdown list (such as the #include file dependency browser view)
  • Open With: Opens this file in any of the editors listed in the drop down list.
  • Open: This is probably the most commonly used option; it just opens the file in the standard C/C++ editor.
While this feature is just a very tiny part of the IDE capabilities, it is a very useful feature that saves a lot of time for many developers. 

Topics: ECLIPSE, Atollic TrueSTUDIO