Learn how more eyes produce better code [whitepaper series]

Posted by Magnus Unemyr on Aug 22, 2016 8:30:00 AM

Do you blindfold one eye when you study your code? Of course not - you use both eyes, as it is clearly better. And so, what improvements would occur if you read your code with 4, 6 or even 12 eyes? Our free white paper on source code reviews describes how software quality can easily be improved by using methods and tools for peer review and code review meetings. The methods reduces the risks for introducing bugs in the embedded software, and thereby reduces time to market and cost.

Introducing source code reviews is one of the best ways to improve software quality. You will reduce your development and testing time, as well as improving your software quality and code maintainability. Read the whitepaper now to learn how more eyes on the code improve your software quality!



A major problem in the embedded systems industry of today is inferior software quality, which is much more costly and difficult to address in embedded systems that has been deployed in the field, compared to PC or mobile applications that typically can download new releases automatically from the internet.

Several approaches are available to improve software quality. One of the cheapest and most effective is to perform source code reviews, where developers study each other’s source code and point out potential problems already at the development stage.

By deploying methods and tools outlined in this white paper, you and your team can delivery higher quality software with less effort.
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