Learn How to Become a More Efficient ARM Cortex Developer [Use Our White Paper Library]

Posted by Magnus Unemyr on Mar 14, 2017 11:31:39 AM

Time is precious for any embedded developer. If you're a consultant or contractor, you need to show your clients results - fast. And every developer needs to stay on project schedule also when tough problems halt progress. To help you on your journey towards ARM Cortex development nirvana, we have put together a library of free white papers you can read to educate yourself.

Check out our library and utilize the information shared to become a better and more efficient embedded developer! Our current white paper library is listed below - use it for your benefit!


Our white papers cover a wide selection of ARM Cortex development and debugging problems, and range from overview white papers to white papers covering advanced debugging topics, such as hard fault crash analysis and real-time event, data or instruction tracing. 

Pick your preferred reading below:

Advanced development and debugging of ARM®-based devices



This white paper outlines how modern methods and tools can be used to take a more professional approach to embedded systems software development; reducing time-to-market, improving software quality and reducing development costs.

Read our ARM development whitepaper! 


System analysis and real-time tracing with Serial Wire Viewer



This white paper outlines how the Serial Wire Viewer debug technology can be used for advanced system analysis and real-time tracing, in the scope of deeply embedded debugging.

Read our SWV event and data tracing whitepaper!


Recording and analyzing execution history using ETM/ETB instruction tracing



This white paper outlines how ETM/ETB instruction tracing can be used for advanced debugging, by recording the execution history for later analyzis.

Read our ETM/ETB instruction tracing whitepaper! 


Embedded development using the GNU toolchain for ARM® processors



This white paper focus on considerations of using the GNU C/C++ compiler and associated tools for embedded systems development, for ARM-based projects and together with the ECLIPSE™ integrated development environment.

Read our GNU gcc/gdb on ARM Cortex whitepaper! 


Improving software quality with source code reviews



This white paper outlines how source code reviews (peer reviews) can be performed to improve the software quality in embedded development projects.

Read our Source code review whitepaper! 


Manage embedded software with Subversion



This white paper outlines how version control systems, such as Subversion, can be used to improve code management in an embedded context.

Read our Manage code with SVN whitepaper! 


Finding and understanding Cortex-M faults



This white paper describes how to analyse and fix system crashes which can be very difficult and time consuming. By using the methods and tools outlined in this white paper, the root cause and location of system crashes can be easily identified in seconds, rather than hours.

Read our hard fault crash analysis whitepaper