See us at Embedded World in Nuremberg next week!

Posted by Magnus Unemyr on Mar 8, 2017 8:54:40 AM

Will you go to the Embedded World exhibition in Nuremberg (Germany) next week? If so, be sure to come by our booth and see the latest tools for professional ARM Cortex development!

We will showcase TrueSTUDIO v7.1 and the new innovative static stack usage analyzer, as well as the build and memory usage analyzer, and much more!

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Once again in 2017 – from 14 - 16 March – embedded world, the leading international fair for embedded systems in Nuremberg (Germany), will be the place to be. Here, with around 1,000 expected exhibitors, you will find the world’s largest range across the embedded systems value-added chain and we are there!

Come by our booth 4-544 in Hall 4!

We share booth with our German and Benelux distributor Logic Technology.

This year, the trends are stronger than ever!

Dramatic Industry Shift to Open Standards

Today we are in a paradigm shift towards more open source and open standards; less proprietary, closed solutions:

  • The industry standardization on ARM cores is part of this dramatic change
  • The ARM GCC compiler now stands shoulder-to-shoulder with proprietary compilers
  • Eclipse offers IDE standardization and easy integration of 3rd party plugins for almost unlimited extensibility and flexibility

But open source does not have…

  • Advanced, commercially driven features embedded developers need
  • Tight integration between tool components
  • Backend support for leading commercial debuggers like Segger
  • Responsive technical support

Atollic TrueSTUDIO leverages this paradigm shift while at the same time providing a solution for the missing parts, thus offering the perfect blend of commercial features and open standards!

The New Standard in ARM Development

The Atollic TrueSTUDIO C/C++ IDE for ARM Cortex development meets the market demand for a professional, supported tool based on open standards:

  • Uses open standards embraced by embedded development teams: Eclipse, GCC and GDB
  • Free to download with no code-size limits
  • Upgrade to advanced development features equaling or exceeding proprietary solutions
  • Gives your prospects and customers the ideal blend of price, features and freedom

Get a demo in our booth!

Visit our booth 4-544 in Hall 4 and see for yourself how Atollic TrueSTUDIO can reduce your development time and provide the powerful features you deserve!

  • Parallel compilation
  • Build and memory usage analyzer
  • Static stack usage analyzer
  • Live variable watch
  • Serial Wire Viewer real-time system analysis
    • Variable and memory access history log
    • Oscilloscope-styled data plot graph
    • Interrupt and exception tracing
    • Variable and memory live variable watch
    • Statistical performance profiling
    • Software tracing
    • printf() redirection to a debugger console
  • Hard fault crash analyzer
  • Kernel-aware RTOS debugging for many real-time operating systems, including FreeRTOS
  • Multiprocessor and multi-core debugging
  • Deeply integrated team collaboration tools
    • Version control client (SVN, GIT, CVS)
    • Bug and issue tracking client (Bugzilla, Mantis, Trac)
    • Source code and Peer review features


We are waiting for you in the booth! Do you have any questions? Send an email to!


Do you want to learn more on ARM Cortex development and debugging? Read this whitepaper:

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