The first programmer was born 200 years ago [a tribute to Ada Lovelace]

Posted by Magnus Unemyr on Dec 16, 2015 1:36:13 PM

Last week, it was 200 years ago the first programmer was born. As you probably know, it is generally considered to be Ada Lovelace, who was born 10th of December 1815. Her parents were Lord Byron and Anne Milbanke, and she worked with Charles Babbage on his early mechanical general purpose "analytical engine" machine. Her notes on an algorithm for calculating Bernoulli numbers is considered to be the first algorithm intended to be executed by a machine (see the photo). Apparently, the machine was never completed and so her code was never tested.

The ADA programming language was named after her as well. The programming language was developed on behalf of the United States Department of Defence for embedded and safety critical use. Interestingly, the reference manual for the language was approved on 10th of December 1980, and the military standard for the language, MIL-STD-1815, was numbered after her birth year.

How is Ada Lovelace important for modern embedded developers? I would argue it is always important to know a little bit of history, but perhaps it is also useful to know even modern technologies date back to older achievements.

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Source: Wikipedia and various websites.