TrueSTUDIO Webinar series

Posted by Stephen Martin on Feb 1, 2016 10:45:51 PM

We have resumed our popular TrueSTUDIO webinar series.
  • 10 February 2016: Getting Started with TrueSTUDIO Lite

  • 17 February 2016: Advanced Debugging with TrueSTUDIO

  • Archive from 27 January: Getting Started with TrueSTUDIO Lite

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Live Webinar: Getting Started with TrueSTUDIO Lite

We have made getting started with ARM development simple and flexible using free TrueSTUDIO Lite C/C++ development tools. We would like to show you how easy it is in this webinar. 

In this 1-hour live session we will cover: 
• Creating your first project 
• Setting up a project and configuring build settings 
• Importing a project from another Eclipse/GDB/GCC tool 
• Using the debugger 

We will spend 30 minutes demonstrating TrueSTUDIO followed by 30 minutes to answer your specific questions.

LIVE WEBINAR 10 FEBRUARY 2016. 14:00 CET/8:00 EST - Register Now


Live Webinar: Advanced Debugging with TrueSTUDIO

Finding bugs and optimizing your Cortex-M-based embedded system is easier than ever with the powerful tools found in TrueSTUDIO Pro. See how you can save time and frustration in this one-hour live webinar.

In this one-hour live webinar we will cover how to:
• Analyze a crashed system: identify the cause of the hard fault and the location of the offending code 
• Analyze and understand system performance with event- and data-tracing 
• Show how to monitor read and/or write of variables 
• View status of RTOS objects during debugging

Answer your questions about how to gain new insights into your system with advanced visualization tools in TrueSTUDIO.

LIVE WEBINAR 17 FEBRUARY 2016. 12:00 EST/9:00 PST - Register Now

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