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TrueSTUDIO Developers using STM32 devices get an early holiday gift from STMicroelectronics

Posted by Stephen Martin on Dec 18, 2017 4:13:22 PM

If you have not yet heard, STMicroelectronics has acquired Atollic!

If you are an STM32 developer and an Atollic TrueSTUDIO user, think of it as an early holiday present. What was the paid Pro version of TrueSTUDIO will soon be made available to STM32 developers at no charge.

ST’s and Atollic’s engineers are already at work on building a fully integrated software solution. The next-gen version of TrueSTUDIO will feature even tighter integration with the STM32 ecosystem

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Eclipse/GNU/Cortex-M 3-day hands-on training in Eindhoven

Posted by Stephen Martin on Aug 24, 2017 8:49:20 PM

Join us from 13-15 September 2017 in Eindhoven to learn the skills you need to be a professional embedded developer. We are offering an intensive 3-day, hands-on training course in ARM Cortex-M development. This training will teach you everything worth knowing about the Cortex-M cores and the GNU compiler and debugger tool chain. You will also learn the ins- and outs- of the ECLIPSE® IDE, and how to use it for advanced Cortex-M development and debugging.

Learn the essential skills you need to be a professional embedded developer with this hands-on training course.

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How "LIVE" do you want to be?

Posted by Stephen Martin on Jul 28, 2017 2:26:05 PM

Many embedded developers new to ARM Cortex-M devices are unaware of the powerful debug capabilities these devices enable in their silicon design. Professional IDEs, like Atollic TrueSTUDIO Pro, leverage these and provide debugging power any professional embedded developer should be aware of.

In this blog post, I will explain how Cortex-M cores enable highly useful debugger features for “live” visualization of variable values in real-time.

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Introduction to Real-Time Operating Systems - Video Tutorial

Posted by Stephen Martin on Jul 15, 2016 3:26:57 AM

Many developers using 32-bit ARM-based microcontrollers are realizing the advantages of using a real-time operating systems (RTOS). Super-loop schedulers and other bare-metal implementations are being superceded by small, fast RTOSes such as FreeRTOS, uC-OS, ThreadX and many others. With the generous RAM and ROM in today's microcontrollers there is little penalty and major upside to using an RTOS.

Popular embedded writer, Jacob Beningo, has put together a 30-minute video on the reasons to consider using an RTOS .


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Getting Started with TrueSTUDIO - Archived Webinars

Posted by Stephen Martin on Mar 2, 2016 1:28:59 AM

We have posted archived videos of two recent webinars to the website: Getting Started with TrueSTUDIO Lite. These webinars cover the details on creating your first C project, using the TrueSTUDIO project wizard, working with build settings, importing a project from another toolchain, and using the debugger. We also answer participants questions about various aspects of using TrueSTUDIO.

With an archived webinar video you can stop, start, go back, and jump-forward so you can get the information you need at the pace that is right for you.

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New Tools and Techniques for Cortex-M Debugging

Posted by Stephen Martin on Feb 29, 2016 11:31:50 PM

Embedded debugging has undergone a revolution thanks to innovations in the hardware and development tools. Gone are the days when you were forced to use command line debug and when you had to rely on blinking LEDs and printf() statements. Today's developers can take advantage of new data visualization and analysis tools that can help you quickly diagnose system problems in real time.

If you are developing for a Cortex-M target we'd like to introduce you to some ways to help you take your debugging to another level: find bugs more easily, and get new insights into the behavior of your system. Over the past year we have written a series of blog articles that will give you a good introduction to some of these easy-to-use tools and techniques.

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TrueSTUDIO Webinar series

Posted by Stephen Martin on Feb 1, 2016 10:45:51 PM

We have resumed our popular TrueSTUDIO webinar series.
  • 10 February 2016: Getting Started with TrueSTUDIO Lite

  • 17 February 2016: Advanced Debugging with TrueSTUDIO

  • Archive from 27 January: Getting Started with TrueSTUDIO Lite

Register today for one of these informative webinars. Learn tips and techniques...

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New example project from FreeRTOS demonstrates TCP, UDP, FTP, and web server.

Posted by Stephen Martin on Jan 27, 2016 3:45:00 PM

Richard Barry and the folks at have a new demo project available using the free TrueSTUDIO Lite development tool. The demo showcases the FreeRTOS real-time operating system, FreeRTOS+TCP stack and FreeRTOS+FAT file system and is ready to import into TrueSTUDIO as an existing project.

The demo is built for the popular STM3240G-EVAL board (using the STM32F407 device based on an ARM Cortex-M4 core).  Despite the board having plenty of off-chip RAM, the demo only actually uses the limited on-chip RAM, demonstrating what can be achieved even in RAM-constrained systems when using these high quality but completely free software components.

“The removal of the code-size limit from TrueSTUDIO Lite gives us the opportunity to use TrueSTUDIO to create comprehensive examples, such as this.” said Barry. “It also gives our ever-growing, global user base the opportunity to quickly and easily pick up a known good working project, which they can then further develop into a commercial product, should they wish. The also have the option to augment and enhance their development experience by making use of the optional upgrade paths available to them at any time.”

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Join us for ARM TechCon - November 10-12

Posted by Stephen Martin on Oct 21, 2015 2:37:29 PM

ARM TechCon 2015 combines technical sessions, training, hands-on demonstrations and product exhibitions to support the development and optimization of ARM-based embedded products.

Atollic will be launching the latest release of TrueSTUDIO at the event. And plan to attend our training session on how debugging is being redefined by advanced tools for code and test verification.

ARM TechCon is much more than a tradeshow; it is a comprehensive learning environment for the entire embedded community..

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"Getting Started with TrueSTUDIO" webinars are back

Posted by Stephen Martin on Sep 30, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Beginning in the spring of this year we hosted a series of live webinars to show developers how easy it is to set up an ARM project using TrueSTUDIO development tools. I think we did about four or five before the summer--they were very well received by those who attended.

I think what makes them special is that we have organized these webinars to include a walkthrough of the project wizards and many other features in TrueSTUDIO, but then we take about 30 minutes (and more, if needed) to answer specific questions relevant to the developers' development situation.

The audience has been a mix of new customers, developers currently evaluating TrueSTUDIO and those interested in finding out more about why so many are so passionate about using this tool.

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Come see TrueSTUDIO in action in Southern California

Posted by Stephen Martin on Jul 29, 2015 7:00:14 PM

Join us on August 25 and 27 at the Real-Time Embedded Computing events in Southern California. We will be demonstrating the latest version of TrueSTUDIO development tools for ARM-based devices.

RTECC is the premiere embedded event for in-depth technical training and discussions on future design strategies and market opportunities. Now in its 28th year, the conference continues to provide a free event with minimal marketing fluff for the embedded software and IoT community. The event offers a broad education on the latest design strategies, methodologies, applications and technologies for capitalizing on current and future market opportunities.

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The Curse of the Prototype

Posted by Stephen Martin on Jul 29, 2015 2:58:42 AM

Advice for embedded and IoT development teams

Often, when we are developing a new product, there is pressure to cobble something together for a quick prototype or proof-of-concept. Management or marketing needs to see something. Or perhaps you are looking for funding and you need to demonstrate the key product functionality.

There is nothing inherently wrong with prototypes. They are very useful in helping define and understand the intended product. The problem comes when we use the prototype code as the starting point for the real product development, because who wants to go back and rewrite everything. The code you slung together just to make something demonstrable is never good code. It was written in haste, barely debugged, and it has many large gaps in functionality...

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