Get started with TOPPERS / ASP RTOS

Posted by Mattias Norlander on May 18, 2016 3:19:41 PM

Have you heard about the ITRON (aka microITRON) project in Japan? ITRON is a Japanese open standard for real-time operating systems. The project started back in 1984 and was initiated by Ken Sakamura.

TOPPERS (Toyohashi Open Platform for Embedded Real-time Systems) is one flavour of ITRON RTOSes. It is open-source, and the documentaiton is released as open educational content.

Atollic TrueSTUDIO supports kernel-aware debugging of TOPPERS. The Atollic appointed distributor in Japan, AI Corporation, has written guides and created example projects, simplifying the getting started process with TOPPERS.

In order to get started with TOPPERS development AI Corporation has prepared example projects for two different development boards:

  • NUCLEO-F401RE (ST Microelectronics STM32)
  • GR-PEACH (Renesas RZ/A1H)

It is easy to port the example poject code for other boards. Download the archived source code + the documentation to get started:

Example project Example project
Documentation Documentation

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